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Program Characteristics

  • Convenient online learning format for all courses
  • All clinical hours are completed locally in a clinical arranged and obtained by the student using a preceptor obtained by the student and approved by the school.
    • There are 120 clinical hours in the NU 4699 Health Business and Case Management in Practice course, which is typically taken at the end of the BSN. In the clinical, students will work with a preceptor in a practice area at a healthcare facility arranged by the student. Students will utilize the clinical hours to develop projects or practice innovations that improve practice.
  • No on-campus classroom attendance
  • The curriculum includes instruction on healthcare business management
  • The BSN includes coursework in case management, managed healthcare, economics and budgeting essentials, and leadership skills
  • Online courses offer the opportunity to work while completing your degree
  • Electronic books (e-books) are included in the tuition cost and are provided online


What does the BSN offer me?


The BSN at the Breckinridge School of Nursing is designed to address current and future healthcare workforce needs and to help registered nurses develop skills and knowledge that can be used to help them advance into nursing leadership roles. The BSN includes coursework in the economics of healthcare in a managed care environment, healthcare finance and budget essentials, leadership and communication skills, and case management concepts used in a wide variety of healthcare settings. The curriculum also includes courses in nursing leadership, nursing research, community health, ethics, and general education.

How long does it typically take to earn the degree?


Depending on how many credits are transferred into the BSN by the registered nurse, the normal time to complete the program by a student taking a full-time course load consisting of 13.5 credit hours per quarter ranges from six to nine quarters. A typical academic quarter in the program involves two 6-week courses taught consecutively and one 11-week course. Thus, the full-time student in most quarters would only take two courses at a time, except during a couple of quarters, including the final quarter when the 12-week course that involves a precepted clinical is scheduled. Students may choose to complete the degree on a part-time basis.

Is ITT Tech accredited?


ITT Technical Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What do I need to be considered for admission?


This information is specified in the Admission section of the school Catalog, located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf.

What courses will I take in the BSN?


The courses that a registered nurse will take in the BSN will depend on the courses that the registered nurse transfers into the BSN. Complete information about course requirements for graduation from the BSN are specified in Program Outline can be found in the Curricula section of the Breckinridge School of Nursing Catalog, located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf. Some of the courses in the BSN include:

  • Dimensions of Professional Nursing – examines the role of the professional nurse
  • Health Assessment
  • Nursing Research for Quality Outcomes – explores quantitative and qualitative research processes, validity of information, and evidence-based practice
  • Economics of Health and healthcare – examines the application of economic theory to the healthcare industry, roles of the consumer, providers and payors, and healthcare regulation
  • Community Health and Epidemiology – focuses on health promotion and disease prevention for select populations, and explores the influence of culture on healthcare delivery and access
  • Nursing Leadership and Management – teaches leadership skills and strategies in professional nursing roles
  • Corporate Communication Strategies in healthcare – teaches communication strategies for use in interpersonal relationships and professional work environments
  • Introduction to Case Management Theory – introduces the student to case management theory, structure, and application across different healthcare settings and nursing roles
  • Managed healthcare- focuses on facets of managed care, including models, legal and regulatory issues, the insurance industry and reimbursement systems, and quality outcomes
  • Essentials of Accounting and Budgeting in healthcare Organizations – introduces the student to fundamental concepts and skills that can be used by nurse managers to make financial decisions, including techniques of accounting, budgeting, finance and healthcare economics applied to a variety of healthcare settings
  • Transcultural Nursing – focuses on culturally competent care in the professional nurse role and organizational leadership
  • healthcare Business and Case Management in Practice – includes a precepted clinical focusing on the application of case management theory and concepts in a clinical practice environment that is obtained and arranged by the student
  • Introduction to Business – explores fundamental processes of management, teamwork, motivation, customer satisfaction and the production of goods and services
  • Written Analysis – introduces the student to theories and principles of critical and creative thinking with the goal of analysis and production of comprehensive written documents
  • Statistics – introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Social Psychology – surveys of theories and research concerned with how individuals behave in social constructs and how they influence and are influenced by other people
  • Ethics – introduces the fundamentals of, and differences in, morals and rules of conduct among individuals, and focuses on the identification and analysis of a variety of theoretical moral constructs and their application to individual and personal behavior

What clinicals are required in the BSN?


One precepted clinical is required during the last quarter of study. The student is responsible for arranging and obtaining both the clinical and preceptor that are satisfactory to the school. Students must develop individualized plans for the clinical.

Can I work while I complete my degree?


Only you can determine what fits with your responsibilities, family situation and course load. Most of our students work full-time or part-time while completing their programs of study. Factors you should consider include:

  • a full course load of 13.5 credit hours per quarter includes a significant amount of reading, and completion of assignments;
  • the work can be completed on your own schedule, as classes are taught in an asynchronous format and are available 24/7; and
  • taking courses in an online format requires attention to timelines and organizational skills.

How do I apply?


It is easy to apply. Simply, go to http://www.itt-tech.edu/ then click on “Apply now” at the top of the page, fill out the requested information, and an online representative from ITT Technical Institute will contact you. There is no cost associated with applying.

How do I get my transcripts evaluated?


A student must contact the institutions that he/she previously attended as soon as possible and request that each of those institutions MAIL the student’s OFFICIAL transcript to:

Registrar’s OfficeITT Technical Institute1289 City Center Drive, Suite 100Carmel, IN 46032

Please note: Any transcripts (official or unofficial) that are transmitted by the student to ITT Tech will be considered UNOFFICIAL transcripts. Unofficial transcripts cannot be used to award credit. Therefore,all prior attended institutions must send the student’s transcripts directly to ITT Technical Institute.

What is the cost of the BSN?


This information is specified in the Tuition, Fees and Tools section of the school Catalog located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf.

Are financial aid or scholarships available for the BSN?


A Financial Aid Coordinator will assist you in determining what financial aid you may qualify for, including Federal grants and loans, Veteran benefits, state grants, private loans, and scholarships.

For more information, please refer to the Financial Assistance section of the school Catalog located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf.

What advising support will I have?


Advising support is available to students from their instructors, student support coordinators and tutors.

How do I obtain my textbooks?


Textbooks are provided in electronic format (e-Books). Electronic textbooks are delivered online within each of the courses in which you are registered. Textbooks are accessible on the first day of class.

What are the qualifications of faculty?


Faculty in the BSN are required to have either a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing, and typically have experience in their subject areas.

How will I have access to faculty?


Communication with the course instructor typically occurs in the online learning management system.

What technical resources will be available to help me with the online class structure?


After admission into the program, new online students are required to complete an Online Student Preparatory (OSP) offering prior to attending any course. The OSP introduces the student to the course management and delivery system called Questa. After the OSP offering, technical support is available to students during the following hours: Sundays, 1pm – 12 Midnight; Monday through Friday, 8am – 12 Midnight; and Saturdays, 8am – 7pm EST.

Will I have access to library resources?


As a student enrolled in the Breckinridge School of Nursing, you will have access to the ITT Technical Institute virtual library, which includes over 80,000 online books and 17,000 full-text periodicals with new publications added regularly.

What are the technology requirements to participate in the course?


This information is specified in the Online Course Information section of the current school Catalog, which can be located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf.

How do I transfer in credit for previous education?


This information is specified in the Credit for Previous education Experience section of the current school catalog, located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf.

Can I test out of any non-nursing courses?


The Online Division of ITT Technical Institute does not offer test out examinations for courses in its online programs.

What are the grading policies for the BSN?


The grading policies can be found in the Academic Achievement section of the current school Catalog, located at http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/download/011.pdf. A minimum grade of “C” must be earned to pass a course. Students may repeat a course, in which less than a “C” was earned, only once during the Program. A second course grade of less than a “C” will result in the student’s administrative withdrawal from the Program.

What positions will I be eligible for after graduation?


Graduates of the BSN may pursue opportunities to provide generalist nursing care to patients, families, groups and communities across the continuum of healthcare settings. The program helps RNs prepare for a broader scope of nursing practice and may provide a foundation for career mobility into leadership positions.