Breckinridge School of Nursing

Campus-Based Associate’s Degree Program in Nursing

Are you interested in being part of one of today’s growing career fields? The largest occupation in health care is registered nurses in America. Not only do they work in hospitals but have opportunities in home healthcare and nursing care facilities.

At Breckinridge School of Nursing at ITT Technical Institute, we are committed to helping men and women develop skills and knowledge that they can use to pursue nursing in the healthcare field. We provide them with core knowledge, skills, ethical values and critical reasoning which are imperative for professional nurses. Our program gets them ready to go directly into the healthcare sector whether it is in a hospital or nursing facility.

Nursing is a career that requires certain values and knowledge, it is an art and a science. A nurse must possess clinical knowledge, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They must also possess certain values such as compassion and integrity. Our curriculum for the Associate’s degree program inculcates nursing values, the nursing process, health promotion and maintenance, nursing roles, therapeutic communication skills and competent nursing care.

Our program focuses on providing our students with leadership and management skills while also enabling them to explore topics such as healthcare and case management, managed healthcare and healthcare business management. Our nurses are given technical training that will assist them perform the following duties with ease:

  • Taking and recording data from patients
  • Administer treatments and medicine for patients
  • Determine plans for patient’s care
  • Observe patients
  • Be able to consult and work with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Medical equipment operations and monitoring
  • Provide consultation to patients and families for managing injuries or illnesses

That is not all. We make sure to provide them with coursework along with training that will have them ready to treat patients in case of emergencies.

Some of the Courses in the Program:

  • Nursing Roles I and II
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • Clinical Nursing Concepts and Techniques I and II
  • Adult Nursing I and II
  • Gerontologic Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Maternal Child Nursing
  • Complex Care Nursing

To ensure our students are ready for real world practices in nursing, we provide them with top of the line facilities. During the course of the program, students will have access to the nursing laboratory along with computers and printers. This enables them to research and learn from secondary sources also enabling them to learn different processes and practices on their own and sharing those ideas in class.

Once you graduate from the Associate’s degree program, you would have taken your first step to becoming a registered nurse. You can then take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) for licensure as a registered nurse. This is a standardized exam which determines whether candidates are prepared for nursing practice at an entry level. Our degree will instill in you the knowledge and practices required for the NCLEX. Once you pass the NCLEX then you can pursue careers as registered nurses in a variety of health care settings.

Many of our graduates have gone on to work in various hospitals, nursing facilities, and even home nurses.

The Associate’s degree program in Nursing is available in 19 different states from Alabama to Oregon in 42 campuses.

Online RN-BSN Program

A bachelor’s degree presents you with more opportunities than just possessing an Associate‘s degree or diploma. The Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing (BSN) is specifically for registered nurses and provides them with the knowledge and practice for nursing care in any environment.

The bachelor’s program is designed to ensure that registered nurses develop both skills and knowledge that improve their practices and overall advances them to nurse leadership roles. Along with courses that focus on nursing practices, there are courses that focus on ethics and economics related to the healthcare sector. The ensures a holistic approach as far as knowledge and nursing practices.

Some courses included in the program are:

  • Dimensions of Professional Nursing
  • Health Assessment
  • Nursing Research for Quality Outcomes
  • Economics of Health and Healthcare
  • Community Health and Epidemiology
  • Nursing Leadership and Management
  • Corporate Communication Strategies in Healthcare
  • Introduction to Case Management Theory
  • Managed Healthcare

BSN is an online course which is offered year round. Since it is online, you can easily work your schedule around it and access classes from any computer. The program has two 6-week courses taught consecutively and one 11-week course. Depending on how many credits you take, the program usually takes 6 to 9 terms to complete. Towards the end of the program students are required to complete certain clinical hours. Our Health Business and Case Management course requires students to complete 120 clinical hours. The student will have the responsibility to arrange the clinical on their own and required to develop a project and practice innovations to improve the practice. The clinical can be taken up in any healthcare facility.

Is BSN really worth it?

As stated above, BSN is currently open to registered nurses. This means you have obtained your Associate‘s degree and have cleared the NCLEX. However, if you have an interest in furthering your career in nursing then it is recommended you opt for BSN. It gives you training for leadership, management, and administrative roles. Nurses that complete BSN tend to have better patient outcomes, lower failure rescue rates, and are better prepared to provide health care.

According to the Institute of Medicine the future of nursing is of those nurses that have a bachelor’s in nursing. The institute conducted a study and has recommended that 80% of the nurse workforce have a BSN by 2020. Research conducted by Academic Progression in Nursing Program (APIN) also solidified the claim that nurses with BSN tend to employ holistic nursing practices which reduce morbidity and mortality.

After completion of our BSN program our students have gone on to become nurse managers. The degree also better prepares you for further advanced degrees in healthcare such as nurse practitioner, nurse anaesthetist, and nurse midwife.

Breckinridge School of Nursing is part of ITT Technical Institute, which is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Work while you study!

Since our the BSN program is online, it will give you time to continue working if you choose to do so. Our full course load option requires you take 13.5 credit hours per quarter. Need to bear in mind, that this requires quite a lot of reading besides coursework and more time will be dedicated to assignments. If you do continue to work along with the program, then you would need to work out a proper schedule and manage your time accordingly. The best part of the program is that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can work a schedule for it around your work schedule.

Working while studying will also help you in your final term as you will be allowed to complete your clinical hours at your current place of employment, as long as it is in a health facility as a nurse.

Our program offers:

  • 24/7 access to course
  • Exceptional faculty – our faculty have either a doctoral or master’s degree along with experience in the field of nursing.
  • Textbooks in electronic format (e-books)
  • Access to virtual library with 80,000 online books and 17,000 full-text periodicals

Interested in applying?

If you are interested in applying you can do so on our website or by clicking the following link: Apply Now. It is completely free, so you do not have anything to lose. Once you complete the form, one of our representatives will contact you. We would love to support you in furthering your career in nursing and look forward to hearing from you!